London Madeoy’s had been the most important London tube manufacturer to utilize this expression

London Madeoy’s had been the most important London tube manufacturer to utilize this expression

This is the first stamp used and that can be found from 1902 or perhaps early in the day and on inside 1930s . At the moment, it can look as a€?Londona€ gay hookup apps? over a€?Madea€? or perhaps in a straight range.

Manufactured in London. You will find only observed this stamp on two outdated Bruyere pipes outdated 1921, also it seems in a straight line beneath the arched a€?Comoy’s.a€?

Made in England. This is certainly stamped in a circle with a€?Madea€? at the very top, a€?ina€? at the center, and a€?Englanda€? developing the bottom of the group. We contact this the football profile or F/B for short. I have come across this stamp on a Cecil outdated as soon as 1910 and on a vintage Bruyere of 1921 and then just on water pipes through the 1930s.

Produced in London The United Kingdomt. That is once again stamped in a group with a€?Madea€? at the top, a€?Ina€? in the centre, and a€?Londona€? towards the bottom, with a€?England in a straight range beneath the F/B. I believe this stamp was utilized in the export drive-in the first 1950s, and I haven’t observed any pre-WW II Comoy’s stamped in this way.

Inlaid a€?Ca€?

a€?Ca€? was first inlaid into the section of the mouthpiece around 1919. This was an intricate inlay wanting three drillings. 1st, a spherical white inlay was placed, then your middle regarding the white was actually drilled , and a smaller spherical black inlay ended up being put. Eventually, another drilling was made to get rid of the available an element of the a€?C,a€? and an even small black inlay is put. This inlaid a€?C,a€? referred to as a€?three-piece C,a€? got carried on until the Cadogan days during the 1980s. However, the a€?Ca€? in 1920s and very early 30s is a lot thinner and much more sensitive than the one post-war. Cadogan very first changed the a€?Ca€? to a single drilling with an inlay which had the a€?Ca€? in the middle, plus lately they turned into a laser imprint. You will find a cased couple of very early 1920′ a€?Par Excellencea€? where the a€?Ca€? is found on the surface of the mouthpiece. Complete


There is no doubt your end on all Comoy’s pipes had been excellent. But one of many points which make the Comoy tube so appealing and collectable will be the stained complete that highlights the grain calculating. It was launched with the azure Riband so effectively. This accentuation associated with grain has now already been duplicated because of the Danish tube manufacturers to great effect.

Every Comoy from the pre-Cadogan age ended up being done towards most finest standard. Jacques Cole confirms that, among additional factors causing this top quality, ended up being that each mouthpiece was actually hands scraped to ultimately achieve the notable slender little bit, which mouthpieces needed to be an exact match whichever method around they certainly were placed in the pan. Perhaps this is a dig at Dunhill, which put a white dot on the top from the mouthpiece to show which way up it ought to be!


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[Greg Pease has a pleasant selection of Comoys, a few examples which is visible on his website.– Pipedia SYSOP].

The 2nd business combat had been a hard cycle for the company due to the fact whole of industry in Great Britain was turned-over on production of armaments while the conflict efforts. Consequently, the manufacture of pipes stopped aside from a little workshop. Following the battle ended in 1945, it absolutely was an uphill endeavor for many Uk businesses to yet again bring demonstrated, plus it had not been until 1950 in addition to orifice of a brand new purpose-built manufacturer in Aldershot that production almost found requirements.

Virgin Briar. You will find a Virgin Briar dated 1925. From the evidence of the pipes inside my collection, these were certainly really fine quality. However, from inside the 1931 selling leaflet, the a€?Virgin Briara€? had been demonstrably the primary level underneath the a€?Old Bruyere,a€? which had been demonstrably an increased class. In a 1936 ad, the a€?Virgina€? ended up being costing $6. I additionally need a a€?Virgin Briar Supremea€? but never discover whether it was a grade in its own appropriate. The Virgin Briar had been no more placed in 1965.

The Extraordinaire got reintroduced in 1979 since the a€?Extraordinaire 1,a€? that has been priced at $100 in the 1979 list in a light organic finish, together with a€?Extraordinaire 11,a€? lighting two-tone walnut finish. Neither of the ended up being because huge while the 800 show.

  • 1904 hallmarked, and now the HC is scheduled within a cartouche, which had been the design there after. Stamped quietly a€?J.R.a€? in an oval and a€?London Made.a€? Comoy’s supplied numerous stores which had their identity stamped on the side from the pipe. J.R. was actually obviously one. There isn’t any C in the mouthpiece.

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